Border Collies don’t have sheep to herd so they invent their own hilarious game


As a dog lover, I see dogs being very playful and full of energy. They also posses their own  unique personality. It’s good to know that the dog’s breed is what determine the type of personality a dog posses. So, when choosing a dog as a pet, it is very important that the dog’s personality to match up with the owner’s lifestyle.

There are some breeds well known for their laziness, like Buldog or Shih Tzu. These ones don’t need to much exercises. And a walk at two-three days seems to be enough for them. On the other side, there are some very active breeds. These ones need a lot of action and exercises..

Still, there are some breed known as “herding breeds.” Nothing defines better these breeds like energy and intelligence. They were naturally designed for hard work and athleticism.  These type of dogs are always trying to do something. As a owner, if you don’t set them some purposes they’ll definitely find one on their own.

One of the herding dogs I was telling you about, are Border Collies. These adorable dogs are very active and they just can’t sit with hours like a Shih Tzu does.

The beautiful dogs from the video bellow have a particularly job to do. They herd sheeps. Anyway, they are called “The Fabulous Five.” And there’s a very good reason why they’re called like that. Normally when they took a break from herding sheeps you might think they’ll gonna rest. Well, not  “The Fabulous Five.”

Without a specific reason, they invented their own funny game. Thankfully, their owner captured the hilarious scene on camera and share it online. The “Collie Walk,” he called their ritual. And it’s stealing hearts all over the internet.

Just take a look at the video bellow. It will definitely put a big smile on your face!