Border Collies don’t have sheep to herd, so they invent their own game instead

Dogs are well known for their playful, spirited nature. However, they all have a very own personality given by their breed.  So keep in mind – when you choose a furry companion to be part of your life,  it’s pretty important to match its personality with your lifestyle!

As we all know, there are some breeds well known for their laziness, like Bulldog or Shih Tzu. They don’t require too much exercises. So if choose to adopt one of them you won’t need to transform yourself into an athlete. But on the other hand, there are some very active breeds which need a lot of action and exercises.

But even so, above all, there are these “herding breeds.” And nothing defines them better than energy and intelligence. They are naturally designed for hard work and athleticism. They are always trying to do something. And if you won’t set them some things to do they’ll find some on their own. Be sure of that.

When comes to exploring new things, no breed compares with the Border Collies. These extremely active dogs are always on something. Like these adorable pups from the video bellow!

In fact, the had a particularly job to do: guarding sheep. Only these fellas find it a little bit boring. So they invented their own hilarious game. Thankfully, the owner was supervising them. So he caught the funny scenes on camera. He even gave a name to their funny ritual, “the Collie walk.” The lovely footage went viral ever since, winning hearts of millions.

“What do five Border Collies get up to when they’re not working sheep? Well, they make their own entertainment,” the owner described his video. Have a look!

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