Border Patrol Agent Finds Tiger Cub Abandoned In Duffel Bag


US border patrol agents found a tiger cub in a bag abandoned by individuals trying to illegally enter the country at the Texas border, officials say.

TThe male tiger whelp was oblivious inside a dark duffel sack, as indicated by an announcement from the US Customs and Border Protection.

At the point when the people acknowledged operators were close-by, they fled back to Mexico, deserting the whelp in their departure.

The whelp, just a while old, is currently being taken care of by a neighborhood zoo.

Brownsville, Texas fringe authorities had been prepared to capture

“Not an average day in the field,” tweeted Irma Chapa, communications director for Rio Grande Valley border patrol.

The cub is currently at Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. The zoo specialises in handling endangered animals.

Ms Chapa later tweeted that the rescued cub, now appearing awake and alert, is expected to make a full recovery.