Boy raises $80K to buy protective ballistic vests for K9 officers

As police dogs are risking their own lives to protect ours, there are so many that are not even wearing protective vests, despite the constant danger. Maybe because most of the K-9 units are self-funded and needless to say these vests are over $1000 a piece

Fortunately, thanks to this kid’s kind heart, much more K9 officers will wear those vests in the near future. It all started in 2018, after Brady watched Live PD on TV when he saw a police dog pop up on the screen who was not wearing a bulletproof protective vest. And since his dream is to become a police officer, the little boy thought the dogs just need the same level of protection as their human partners. This is how Brady’s K-9 fund was born.

“I want to be a police officer because I want to keep people safe. Because it’s really important for these dogs, that save people lives, for them to be safe, too,” Brady said. The nine-year-old boy raised money so protective vests could be donated to K-9’s across the country. Brady’s Fund was his brainchild and it’s incredible. Anyone can donate by visiting his GoFundMe page. 78 vests have been donated so far.

“Brady saw that not all police dogs wear vests. He just couldn’t understand why they weren’t protected, too,” Brady’s fund page reads. Requests for the bulletproof vests are coming in every day and police departments across the country are benefitting from this campaign. Brady is a third grader from Strongsville, Ohio and now he’s the founder of an organization that’s literally saving the lives of K-9 units all over the country. Incredible story! Great job Brady!

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