Boy gets the flu and doesn’t want anyone to comfort him, except his beloved dog

There has to be a special connection between dogs and little kids, since it’s very hard to find something more heart-warming than a kid hanging with his furry friend. And this pit bull and his mini-human friend are no less

Riddick, the pit bull was rescued in 2015 by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and shortly after he was adopted by a young couple who also shared their home with another furry companion. A year after, the family got bigger, when Dawson was born. Bryan Junior and his wife couldn’t believe their eyes when saw how Riddick and Cambria’s, the family’s other dog, reaction when they first met the newborn.

“We would call them the paw patrol,” the dad told The Dodo. “If the baby cried, the two of them would come running inside to check on him. Every time he woke up from a nap we would say, ‘Baby Dawson is awake,’ and they would run in. They sit with us every night to this day when we read him a bedtime story, Cambria usually on my lap and Riddick on the floor. Dawson kisses them both good night and we put him to bed.”

The little boy also shares back the love and compassion his furry friends show him. They are just inseparable and Dawson often refuses to sleep without his four-legged companions. However, the boy’s parents really understood what that special bond means, when Dawson got sick.

The little boy got the flu and no matter how hard his parents tried to comfort him, it seemed there was nothing they can do, until Riddick stepped in. “He crawled up onto the ottoman with Riddick and was just holding him,” Junior said. “You could tell Riddick knew he wasn’t feeling well and laid with him. He [Dawson] tossed and turned a bit and about 30 minutes later passed out cold for over an hour. Riddick never moved.”

The gentle pit bull was the only one Dawson allowed to sit with him. In return, Riddick overwhelmed him with his love and kindness. It’s incredible how protective dogs can be, when it comes to their human siblings. “He’s just gentle, loving and tolerant of anything. Everyone loves Riddick. He’s just the pup you always wish for,” Junior said.

It’s doesn’t took too long until the little boy felt better and he was able to play again with his best pals. Dawson must be so lucky to have such a true friend he can count on!

h/t: MSN News

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