Boy rescues orphaned parrot, now she follows him everywhere

An adorable footage showing a little boy while having the time of his life with his parrot, went viral on Facebook. The video, initially shared by the Dodo gained more than 14 millions views in just a couple of days.

“Wyatts 2nd chance ranch,” can easily be called the heaven on Earth for the rescued animals. Run by Nick Phomkasornsri, his parter Steve Wiltgen and their adopted son, Wyatt, this animal sanctuary in Cedar Creek, Texas is the place where abandoned animals get their second chance to live a happy life.


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It’s also the case of Jax, an orphaned yellow-naped amazon parrot who got rescued earlier this year and brought at the sanctuary. Initially, Nick feared she will never be able to get along with his son, but he was so wrong.

“She was a rescue so I don’t know what kind of experiences she has had with people so she doesn’t really like people so far,” Nick told Storyful. “She may come around but maybe she was abused. So she’s trying to attack me and she always does with everyone.”

However, things have changed a lot ever since, as right now little Wyatt and Jax are inseparable. “This is the one that’s always flying around outside and landing on him,” their dad Nick, said. “The way that Wyatt interacts with Jax is really special,” he added.

You won’t see a more adorable bond between a human being and a little bird, than these two best buddies. While Wyatt is running, surrounded by other rescued animals, the parrot is fallowing him everywhere and from time to time she lands on little’s boy head. Anyway, Jax proves she a good girl, too as she just sits on the boy’s lap whenever he ask her to do so.

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