Boy saves bobcat from forest fire – watch how animal thanks him

As wildfires continue to ravage so many areas in the U.S. and smoke blots out much of the skyline from Oregon to Colorado, many people’s homes and livelihoods are under threat. So much wildlife suffers in these ravaged areas and for one animal lover called George, he couldn’t stand by and let the bushfires to destroy the wildlife that lives there. Fortunately for a helpless bobcat, the young George came just in time to save its life. Now the wild creature can’t stop hugging the man that saved its life.

When a wildfire spread through the wooded area around George Kraus’ home he couldn’t sit back and do nothing and set about trying to save the wild creatures that called that area home. He returned home with a bobcat and offered him a safe place to stay. He was understandably apprehensive at bringing a wild animal into the family home but he knew if he let it go it may not survive.

But little did this family know how grateful this wonderful wild creature would be. At every opportunity this wild cat wants his rescuers to know how grateful he is; and he shows it in the most amazing way. Watch how he overwhelms his rescuers with love and affection in the video below; it’s the sweetest sight!

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