Brave divers cut massive whale shark free from fishing rope

When scuba divers Simone Musumeci and Antonio Di Franca dived off Fuvahmulah Island in the Maldives they hoped to see some spectacular underwater sights. But little did they knew they would be hailed as heroes at the end of the day, after a dramatic rescue.

The two run a scuba diving agency and at the end of December, last year, while leading a tour in the Arabian Sea waters, they came up to a giant whale shark in desperate need of help. The group was hading back to the boat when one of them spotted the massive marine creature. Beside the breathtaking sight, they soon realized the mammal is in need help as a fishing rope was tightly knotted around its body.

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“While the divers were slowly getting back on the boat, our guide Gianluca, who was on board, shouted ‘whale shark,'”Musumeci told Cater News. “I immediately put my breathing mask back on and looked under the water. Then I saw a majestic animal swimming towards us with a huge rope around its neck.”

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As the rest of the group returned on the boat, Simone and Antonio jumped back into the water in their heroic attempt to rescue the helpless creature. After more than ten minutes, the divers’s efforts finally paid off as they managed to cut the rope and finally set the poor whale free.

“It took us about ten minutes to free the shark, while it dragged us around as we were holding to the rope,” Musumeci said. “When [the rope] finally came off, the animal stood still for a moment, as if it realised it was free, then it slowly swam downwards into the depths of the sea.”

But the massive creature swam back to show its gratitude to the people that saved its life. “A few moments later it appeared again and swam closer to us like it wanted to thank us,” Simone added. “It was one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives and we will never forget it.” Watch the dramatic rescue here:

(h/t: MailOnline)

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