Man ties 13lb anchor to dog’s neck, throws him in river, but somehow the brave dog survives


While driving along a riverside, this woman spotted something that broke her heart. The kind of a sight no one wants to be witnessed at. Audra Petraškienė from Lithuania noticed a wet, shivering dog on the riverbank.  But this wasn’t all, there was also a metal weight tied to the dog’s neck.

Audra rushed out of her car to help the poor creature. Apparently, the dog had a makeshift anchor tied around his neck and was then thrown into the river. But the brave doggy fought for its life and swam his way back to the riverbank. Fighting her tears, the woman took the dog to the nearest vet. She called him Toriuk. Here it was confirmed that the anchor weighed more than 13 pounds.

Audra’s sense for justice doesn’t stop here. She also alerted the authorities and after further investigation, Toriuk’s original owner has been found. It turned out that Toriuk went missing recently and the main suspect was a neighbor who worked with the same material that the anchor was made of.

The police have arrested the main suspect and he is now undergoing a trial. If he is found guilty, we hope they are punished to the full extent of the law for committing such a terrifying act.

As about our brave Toriuk, after he has undergone treatment, now is safely back with his owner, enjoying life again.