Brave man rescues young foal stuck on a dangerous wooden bridge

Sometimes a small act of kindness could mean a second chance to live for a helpless creature. It is the case of this heartwarming story. A young foal’s life was saved thanks to a kind-hearted man.

Nevertheless, the rescue involved a little bit of luck as the good samaritan was in the right place at the right time! Mario Orcon suddenly heard a desperate cry for help so he decided to investigate. As he followed the noise, he came upon an old wooden bridge. He then spotted a horse and he knew something was wrong, so he got closer.

When he stepped on the ancient construction, the man saw were lots of gaps between the wood barns, and the thought of a trapped animal crossed his mind. Unfortunately, once he got closer his fears proved to be real as a young foal was stuck there and it was struggling to free itself.

The little one’s mom was there, confused and stressed, so Marion knew he had to act carefully and quickly. However, he decided to record on his cellphone the dramatic rescue. So after he set up the camera, he approached the scared baby horse.

It took a few attempts until the unfortunate foal was finally released. A moment of relief for all those involved. But thanks to the kind man persistence and devotion an incident that could had end tragically, ended up with a hero and a happy reunion of a desperate mom and its baby.

The heartwarming footage  went viral ever since with millions of people showing their suport and appreciations for Mario’s kind gesture. Watch the incredible rescue here:

h/t: animalchannel

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