How to build your own off-grid cabin for $2000

Buying a home nowadays could be very difficult for regular people. Booming property prices and stagnant wages have created a real estate market that is virtually impossible to enter unless you make some dramatic lifestyle sacrifices.

This might be the main reason why a lot of people are considering to move off the grid and there are so many ways to do this. You can be totally off the grid out in the middle of nowhere, and you can in fact, feel like you’re living in the middle of a city. Many look for off-grid living in order to live in a better harmony with the nature and themselves. Some look to that style of living because of their fear for the humanity’s future and need a place to ride out the tempest, in a manner of speaking.

One of the most important aspects of a green home is the energy efficiency, even if we’re talking about solar, wind or geothermal power. A sustainable home should also be designed and laid out in such a manner that it takes advantage of passive heating and cooling. Anyway, building your own off-grid home, run by solar panels would be a major first step.

In the video bellow, we present you a small 14 x 14 cabin with a 400 square feet living space. The entire power system is ensured by solar panels and wind, while the wood ensure the heating system. So it can be used both in the summer and winter.

Watch the video bellow to see how you can built your own cabin for less than $2000!


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