Texas man brings steer to Petco to test ‘all leashed pets are welcome’ policy

I’ve seen some crazy stuff this week so far, but this one is definitely the best one. This guy from Texas really wanted to know it Petco respect their policy as “all leashed pets are welcome.”

That being said, Shelly Lumpkin and Oliver Browning walked their leashed steer into a Houston-area Petco and to their surprise, the African Watusi was welcomed “with open arms,” Fox News reports.

“The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us. We really enjoy coming to this location…our favorite Petco BY FAR!!” Browning wrote on his Facebook page.

The most went viral ever since. However, Oliver is not just a regular cow. It is trained by Browning for rodeos and other shows. He even own a Facebook page. As Livestock Conservancy, the African Watusi bull can weight up to 1,600 pounds.

Check the hilarious moment here!

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