Cat adopts orphaned kitten – she teaches him what love means by cuddling him every day

Kindness, empathy or compassion is not something you’re born with. We need to gain these qualities that make the world a better, peaceful place. Whether we’re talking about humans or animals. And this story show that animals can learn to love and care for again.

Moonglade Rose has always been fond of animals, especially cats. She even shares her home with a furry companion named Andy. And like any other animal lover out there, Rose has always been concerned about the stray animals and she tried to offer suport and medical care whenever she met a dog or a cat in need of help. It’s how she met Opie, an orphaned kitten.

It was later in the night, when cat lover Rose found the little furry ball on the streets. Desperate to help him, Rose took the kitten home, without knowing how Andy would react. Anyway, she doesn’t put too much hope since her fur baby is pretty selfish. But what happened that night melted Rose’s heart.

Like she knew the little rescue cat needs comfort, Andy spread him with love and empathy the second they met. “Andy welcomed him immediately and wouldn’t stop hugging him and kissing him,” Rose told LoveMeow.

Scared and left all by his own, Opie never knew what love and kindness is, but Andy is there to teach him. And what a better way to show someone what love and care means, then cuddling him all day long!?

“Andy gives his brother lots of love and has been teaching him about the litter box, how to land on his feet, how to hunt and play, but mostly how to cuddle,” their mom said.

More than that, even Rose herself has been through such a har life experience. “I was adopted… there’s always been something missing, even after I met my birth family, but Andy saved my life,” she said. “And now Opie seems to be doing the same for Andy. What goes around comes around.”

h/t: lovemeow

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