Stray kitten interrupts live newscast asking for help

What a better way to have your voice heard, than a live newscast. It’s exactly what this tiny stray kitten in Detroit did. While the WXYZ-TV Channel 7 reporter, Nima Shaffe was live casting, the little cat has seen the perfect opportunity to make her story known. So she interrupted the reporter, meowing for help.

WXYZ-TV Channel 7

Ignored at first, the loudly kitten insisted until she got the entire’s crew attention. So when they were live again, after a short ad break, Shaffe can be seen petting the little creature. The crew even named her Lucky Seven. “In honor of the WXYZ-TV Channel 7 rescue team, she’s been named ‘Lucky 7,'” the crew said.

Soon after they realized the lovely kitten was all alone there, so they knew they had to help her out. An officer was called and Lucky Seven was taken to the Humane Society of Huron Valley, a local shelter, to be placed for adoption.

WXYZ-TV Channel 7

“Lucky Seven is a super affectionate and friendly kitten,” a spokesperson from the shelter told The Dodo. “She was purring and ‘making muffins; with her paws the entire time she was being examined by our veterinarian, and now is relaxing comfortably in our nursery, awaiting a foster to come get her.”

Watch the adorable scene, bellow!

h/t: lovemeow

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