A Californian cat lover has turned his house into a cat paradise

A Californian cat lover has turned his Santa Barbara house into a cat paradise. The property is charactehrized by a peaceful and loving atmosphere highlighting the coexistence between the owners and their cats, who share four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms plus the outdoor space consisting of lush gardens.

The man splashed $35,000 to renovate his house and make it cat-friendlyThe interior showcases tunnels, colorful ramps and cat walks throughout which lead to all sorts of ledges and climbing poles, in addition to a wraparound spiral walkway joining the floor with the ceiling. All these obviously serve as scratching posts as well. There is even a koi pond complete with an underwater camera, just in case the cats get bored.

A colorful cat picture decorates the entry hall wall whilst a green walkway leads to the adjacent room. A small staircase in a bathroom connects the side of the tub with a network of ledges up to the top of the room. The walls in the master bedroom are fitted with ledges all over so that the cats will easily reach the mezzanine level above the closet. An important feature of the house is the state-of-the-art ventilation system, an absolute must for a cat-filled space.

Although there are so many facilities for cats inside, the custom-made feline home is not betrayed by the exterior, let alone the beautiful lush backyard with stone patio bordered by tall palm trees.

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