Chic glass treehouse – a spiritual retreat amid nature

Following their nostalgia for the their childhood’s dream treehouse, the architects of Russian Design Studio A.Masow have created a cylindrical glass house nestled in the middle of a firtree forest just near the city of Almaty, in the Kazahstan mountains.

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The house, which was inspired by the Apple stores’ architecture, is spread across four levels incorporating a 40-foot fir tree and spanned by a light-colored spiral staircase. Built of metal columns, plaster board, wood and concrete flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows, the chic house has a basic interior without useless objects, the only ornaments being the fir branches.

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It features a kitchen, a living room and a toilet and the lack of intimacy (any group of tourists can see you if they happen to be hiking in the vicinity) is fully compensated by the feel of living outdoors, among lush evergreen trees. The “Three in the House” project was carried out for a businessman in his late thirties who wanted a space where a couple could develop their spirituality and creativity.

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