Chihuahua saves heartbroken man’s life—in return he rescued more than 40 tiny dogs

For most of his life, Bobby Humphreys had a great fond of Rottweilers. However, it was a tiny Chihuahua dog who changed his life forever

Bobby’s life abruptly changed when his marriage of 17 years came to a sudden end. He was so heartbroken he even considered ending his own life. But his friend Connie helped him through this dark period—she refused to leave his side.

“She literally just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I told her to. She had lost friends to that before and wasn’t going to lose me,” Bobby told I Heart Dogs. “My friend, Connie, had shown me what friendship really meant. No matter what I needed, she was there for me. Needless to say, I feel I owe to her quite a bit.”

Then, in one day while Connie was moving she asked Bobby for a favor. As she wasn’t able to take care of her beloved Chihuahua Lady, the woman asked Bobby to do it. He said yes hesitantly—he had met Lady before and she had seemed unfriendly. Still, Bobby wanted to help his friend more than anything.

Connie dropped off Lady while Bobby was at work. When Bobby got home, he warily approached the Chihuahua, but to his surprise, the little Chihuahua crawled in his lap.

“[Connie] swore she’s never seen anything like this, this dog hates everybody. Lady and I have been literally inseparable ever since,” Bobby said. “I was still struggling to come to grips with everything. There were many days I could not even get up and go to work. Weeks turned into months and the only thing that made me happy was spending time with Lady. I cannot believe how this little 7 pound beautiful baby stole my heart.”

However, in one day Bobby remembered Lady isn’t actually his dog and ultimately she’ll gonna go back to Connie. So Bobby decided to adopt a Chihuahua of his own. He chose a cute adult Chihuahua named Kira.

“So I set out to find myself my own Lady. I have some childhood memories of my grandfather’s Minpin named Lucy that I also was very partial to. I either wanted to find somebody that looked like Lady or find somebody that looks like Lucy.”

“Upon meeting her I was very confident that she would like me because, of course, Lady, who hates everybody loved me. Boy was I wrong. I got to see firsthand the fury of a Chihuahua! This puppy tried to take my hand off literally. She wouldn’t get near me she barked and growled,” Bobby recalled.

Bobby decided he also wanted to raise Chihuahuas from puppyhood. He found a little puppy named Harley on Petfinder, and when he saw the conditions they were living in, he decided to take her sister Quinn too.

Now, Bobby has his own animal rescue group, called Big Guy, Little World Sanctuary. So far, he rescued more than 40 Chihuahuas.

“We rescue Chihuahuas who are living horrible lives, abused, starving, disabled, mental issues, etc. We give them either a furever home with us where they will never have to experience neglect or anything like that again, or we nurse them back to health and adopt them out! We just want to help as many babies as we can,” Bobby said.

What a kind-hearted guy, Bobby is!




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