China’s de-luxe Ghost City

Located in Beihai, a city in the Chinese region of Guangxi Zhuang, the majestic metroplis dubbed “The City of the Dead” is well-known for being devoid of dwellers. Built for the haves of China, the over 100 stunning villas might well be haunted since they are completely lifeless.


Even though the properties were purchased as soon as they were completed in the hope of making huge profits, they are still empty after six years. The reason is simple: the city centres are too far to look alluring for the would-be owners and, on the other hand, many of them are priced at just shy of £300,000, which is too much for the average Chinese citizen. By the way, many of these have invested, despite their small incomes, all their families’ savings in these buildings but unfortunately, haven’t dared to move in. Then there is the fact that China is currently overbuilding, which might be another cause for the city’s need of real estate buyers. There is one more problem – the mansions will soon need a lot more money for their upkeep and maintenance.

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The current owners are hoping for China to continue modernizing and developing so that this city and others like it will be swarming with people and will be blooming.

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