Clever dog’s shenanigan to avoid vet makes him an internet sensation overnight

The thought of going to the doctor when we’re sick is never appealing. Being jammed into a stuffy waiting room with people coughing, sneezing and getting their germs all over you – no thanks! While us humans avoid the doctors at all costs, our furry family members often do the same thing when it comes time to go to the vet.

Sensing a trip to the vet, this silly pup named Lulu decided to take things into her own paws. She came up with a caper so brilliant that Mom, Micki Fox, was rolling with laughter. When Micki entered the bedroom to scoop Lulu and take her to the vet for a routine checkup, she discovered her pup laying in bed, obviously out of sorts. She couldn’t open her eyes, let alone travel all the way to the car and endure the bumpy car ride to the vet.

Even though Lulu was clearly trying to convince Mom that she was hurt, Micki didn’t believe it for a second. She knew her pup!

Micki let her camera roll as she tried to shake her silly pup awake – but nothing worked. Lulu was determined on playing dead until the appointment was over. There wasn’t going to be any probing, clipping or shots in her future!

According to Wag, dogs faking injuries is more common than we might think. Dogs pretended to get hurt (and in this case, pass away) to avoid all sorts of tasks and outings.

Wag says you should pay attention to your dog’s symptoms when they think you’re out of the house.

“If your dog attempts to feign an injury, they will demonstrate symptoms that they know prompt attention from their owner. This may be based on their own experience, or from witnessing the illness or injury of another pet.

Your dog may display symptoms consistent with lethargy; weakness, lack of movement, low interest in food or water, shaking, or whining. They may be clingy and unwilling to separate from you. If your dog is faking their illness, this will likely be inconsistent. When you are not around, or your dog believes they are alone, they may drop the act.”
If your pup remains in agony after you’re gone, chances are, their illness is for real. But if they pop right up to scarf down their food the moment you leave the house, chances are, you have a faker on your hands like Lulu! What a silly girl.

Watch this little tricker, below. Lulu has to go to the vet, whether she likes it or not!

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