Clever parrot keeps ‘accidentally’ ordering things on Amazon

We’ve all heard about Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant, specially designed to make our lives easier. However, I’m pretty sure no one could ever thought Alexa and a parrot would become such close friends. Yet, a pretty expensive friendship for the bird’s owner.

Rocco, an African Grey parrot is the kind of companion who brings smiles on your face no matter what. Needless to mention, you need a lot of patience with him, because of his troublemaker reputation. He was rehomed from the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire, UK because its language was as colorful as his plumage.

But Rocco’s adventurous spirit doesn’t stop here. The volunteer Marion Wischnewski decided to share her home with the naughty bird. But she instantly regret it, after discovered that Rocco was regularly ordering things from Amazon, using his newest friend, Alexa. At least, he wasn’t the picky type customer, as he only ordered broccoli, water melons or ice cream.

“I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he’s ordered,” Marion told CNBC News. “Luckily, we never had the products delivered because we’ve set it up that you have to log on to actually process the order, so we could cancel the items.”

“I’ve never had any concerns with Alexa. The whole family uses it as it’s in the main part of the house. I guess that’s why Rocco got used to Alexa because we all talk to it, so he’s just joining in,” the woman added.  Now, Marion says they use a pin code for the device to work. We hope, they never say it loud! However, Rocco isn’t the first parrot who fell in love with Alexa. Check this out!

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