Clever parrot removes anti-nesting spikes and throws them away

A video showing a very smart cockatoo removing some ant-nesting spikes, went viral recently. The footage was captured in Katoomba, Sydney,Australia by Isaac Sherring-Tito who then shared it on Facebook.

The clever bird not only removes the spikes and it also throws them away, as the camera films some anti-nesting spikes that are already on the road. Those spikes are meant to keep away the birds from nesting on the building’s ledge. However, it seems that not all birds out there agree the idea.

The video, initially shared on Monday on social media, gained more than 2 million views with more than 42,000 Facebook users sharing it.

According to birds experts, Australian cockatoo are really intelligent birds. “It’s pretty evident that cockatoos in particular are very intelligent birds and have, within their social structure, have to us what looks like playing,” Sean Dooley, the editor of Australian Birdlife magazine said.

As expected, the film attracts many reactions from those who’ve seen it. And most of them couldn’t hide their amusement, after they’ve seen this ‘rude’ bird in action. “As an Aussie, I feel inordinately proud of this bird’s attitude and hard work,” one user wrote in the comments section. However, according to Twitter this bird actually has quite a reputation in doing improper things.

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