Clutter-free home

DIY ideas always mean low-cost – or, even better, no-cost – creativity.
For instance, you can easily manufacture a completely customizable set of drawer dividers from shoe boxes. You simply need a good pair of scissors and a number of shoe boxes. Cut the boxes to the dimensions needed for your space, then tuck the pieces into your drawer.

By using several pegboards on the inside of your closet door you can transform it into a one-stop shop for accessories such as necklaces, scarves, or belts.
If you use a stepladder as a bedside table, lack of space will force you think twice of the items which are supposed to spend the night there.

By affixing quirky hooks to it, you can turn an old picture frame into a key organizer and designate one hook for each member of the family.
An old and unused wine rack on the wall of your garage can stash lots of rags, tools, extension cords, and more odds and ends.

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