Comely Tudor house in Colorado

Tudor architecture is a particular architectural style characteristic for the final decades of the English Middle Ages, during the Tudor period. Although it was in many respects superseded by the architectural styles of the Renaissance in domestic building of any pretensions to fashion, the Tudor style retained its hold on English taste for an impressively long period of time.

Birch Court (1)

Some of the defining features of this style are the four-centered (Tudor) arch along with the outstanding bay windows. It is also worth mentioning the fact that mouldings are more spread out and the foliage becomes more naturalistic. During the reign of Elizabeth I, the influence of Northern Mannerism became more and more visible. Courtiers and other wealthy Elizabethans competed to built prodigy houses that proclaimed their position in society.

Birch Court (3)

Birch Court, Greenwood Village is a wonderful brick Tudor house built on a carefully landscaped over sized lot. An expansive foyer reveals a dramatically circular staircase and features detailed marble floors. The vaulted ceilings remind of the medieval towers while cherry moldings adorn the warm inviting family room. The dining room, office, and living room are enriched by an exceptionally detailed crown, wainscott and moldings, whereas the kitchen is perfectly updated for entertaining.

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