Cop finds stray puppy – stays with her until he knows she’s safe

Cops are true heroes. They’re constantly risking their lives to protect ours. But they’re not kindhearted only when it comes to human beings, but animals as well. And this story is all about that

It was early in the morning and the shift was almost over for officer Kareem Garibaldi, from Florida’s Lakeland Police Department, when he found a confused puppy, while patrolling through a neighborhood. The pitbull- boxer mix wasn’t wearing a collar, so officer Kareem knew it would nearly impossible to find her human parents.

The kind cop took the little puppy back at the station and when his shift was over, he decided to take the poor little creature home. Once they got there, officer Kareem knew the lost puppy is his responsibility, so he had make sure she’s safe.

Therefore, after a 12-hour shift, the cop took the little doggie to the SPCA Florida. He thought maybe somebody is desperately looking for the puppy, so he had to do something about that. With his devotion and kindness, the cop impressed everyone at the shelter.

“I walked in, and that’s when I saw him and the puppy,” the shelter’s safety net manager, Connie Johnson told The Dodo. “He was exhausted, the puppy was exhausted, and they were sleeping. It was one of those moments that just grab your heart. He was so determined to get her help.”

But, the officer’s dedication doesn’t stop here. He wait there over three hours to find out the pup he just found is in a good health. It clearly was a selfless thing to do. He wasn’t thinking about getting home to sleep. He was thinking about what he could do to help this puppy survive,” said Mr. Johnson.

After finding that Hope – how they later named her, is well and healthy, officer Kareem took her back to the police station. And since a story like this could only have a happy ending, it was at the station where Hope found her adoptive mom. A dispatcher felt in love with her first moment when she saw her and since then, they live together.

Thanks to officer Kareem Garibaldi and his big heart, the helpless puppy found what she deserved – a lovely parent. “This gentleman [officer Kareem] has such a heart. He really, really cared about the outcome of that puppy,” Mr. Jonson told The Dodo.

h/t: thedodo

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