Cop makes woman sit in the hot car she had left her dog in

As a dog lover I find it unacceptable to leave your dog in the car during these hot days. However, some dog owners are proving to be totally irresponsible when it comes to this point. While most of them are getting away with it, a police officer decided to learn this woman a lesson after leaving her dog in a boiling hot car.

After a concerned person called the cops to report a dog was left inside of a car in a Walmart parking lot in Strongsville, the police officer decided to make the woman to sit the hot car, so she can experience how the poor dog felt.

All after, initially the officer only wanted to write her a ticket. But when he saw her attitude and her ignorance regarding the animal’s safety, he decided she needs to learn her lesson. And what happened next was capture in a blotter, published by the Sun News.

“To prove a point, the officer made the woman sit inside of the warm car with the windows up and without the engine on for a few minutes. The woman said she was fine but the officer noted she looked uncomfortable. The woman was advised if she did this again she would be cited.”

Luckily in this situation, someone spotted the helpless dog and called the cops and an officer arrived just in time. But imagine what is happening when an irresponsible dog owner like this woman is leaving the dog inside the car and no one is noticing? Needless to mention the temperature inside the car would be 20-25 degrees higher the outside. In this particular situation, for example while outside was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, inside the car the temperature indicated 114 degrees, according to the police officer.

According to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, it only takes 5-10 minutes for a pet to get heatstroke. in a hot vehicle and it only takes up to 6 minutes for a dog to be gone in extreme heat when left in a vehicle.

Watch the careless woman tasting a bit of karma in the video bellow!

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