Cop rescues kitten left in the rain and now they’re inseparable

Cops are frequently risking their lives to protect us. And when it comes to four-legged beings they’re not different. We’ve been witnessed to so many beautiful stories about officers who rescued our fur companions. After all, cops and dogs are making the best duos.

However, while police officers and K9 dogs are making some great partnerships, when it comes to fighting against crimes, what we’ve never heard before is a police-cat duo. Well, until now!

Cody Garrett, a 31-year-old cop in South Carolina was working the night shift, when one of his colleagues responded to a call. There, he found a tiny kitten crying under a dumpster. After rescuing her, the officer took the little one to the police station, unknowing what to do with her. But Garrett, who already shared his home with a cat, offered to adopt her. Especially his feline companion, Toothless had four babies. Therefore, it would have been much more easier for the scared rescued kitten to adapt.

“I don’t know why they didn’t want it but I offered to take it,” the kind officer said. And he didn’t regret his decision, because now he and Squirt are best buddies. Needless to mention, the even fighting the bad guys together. Well, that’s when the kitten isn’t to busy to play inside the house with the other fluffy balls.

h/t: BuzzFeed

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