Couple visits shelter to donate – leaves with a 17-year-old senior dog

Some people carry in their hearts the deepest love and kindness that could ever exist for the seek of animals. Among them this young, selfless and so kind couple. After they decided to visit a local shelter to donate for the poor souls there, they went home with a furry companion.

Speaking for Bored Panda, Beth, Rocky’s human mom, said: “We were there to donate all kinds of stuff that I rounded up with my military community and I saw Rocky walk in and I couldn’t stop thinking about that adorable old face. Next thing I know I’m walking out with Rocky!”

Rocky was a 17-year-old senior dog, who had been through some tough years. Unfortunately, he spent his last years in shelters with no one interested in adopting him. But just when he lost any hope, he met Beth and his husband and things have changed ever since, not only for Rocky, but for the young couple as well. “He defiantly brought a missing puzzle piece into our life and we are more than happy to be his parents,” they said.

At first, Rocky was a little bit insecure and confused, but his human parents knew he had been trough a lot, so they gave him all the time he needed. Now, they’re more than happy.

Taking Facebook, Rocky’s mom decided to write a promise latter to her beloved dog.”I took you on knowing we were going to have to take extra care of you,” Beth wrote. “I knew one day I was going to have to carry you up the stairs when you no longer have the strength to do it. I knew you were going to eventually lose your hearing and eyesight and we were going to have to spend extra money to make the house safer for you. I knew one day I am going to have to say goodbye to you.”

For Beth and her husband, meeting Rocky is something they couldn’t imagine. “You are the best gift I have ever gotten and I’m really sad I couldn’t give you the best 17 years you deserved but I promise you’ll have a great life from now to the day I have to say goodbye,” the caring mom wrote!

h/t: boredpanda | Facebook

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