Couple’s heartwarming encounter with bait dog reveals a tale of resilience and hope

While out and about, Kati Speer Krouse and her husband came across a pit bull abandoned in the woods. Having fostered many dogs before, Kati was aware that this area was a common dumping ground for unwanted pets. This pit bull, however, was in a dire state: severely malnourished, limping, and evidently in poor health.

Concerned that the dog might run onto the road, the couple attempted to secure her. Thankfully, they managed to do so swiftly. But it was only once they carried her out of the woods that they fully grasped the extent of her injuries.

The couple hurriedly transported her to an emergency vet, uncertain whether she would even survive the first 24 hours of care. Kati believes the pit bull, whom she named Robin, was likely used as a bait dog in dog fights and discarded when she showed no aggression.

Despite the uncertainty, Kati was resolved from day one to foster Robin. With assistance from the rescue organization Friends of Faye, Robin received the medical attention she needed.

However, the journey to recovery was fraught with challenges. Robin had a fractured front leg that was questionable to heal (it did), and her other leg was infected with a flesh-eating disease (successfully treated). To make matters worse, a few days after bringing Robin home, she stopped eating and vomited up a piece of towel, necessitating emergency surgery.

Kati grappled with whether it was fair to put Robin through such extensive medical treatment. Yet, Robin displayed remarkable resilience, not only recovering physically but also showing remarkable mental strength.

Now, Robin is a bundle of joy, brimming with “wags and wiggles” around other dogs. Kati describes her as the “happiest go-lucky” dog she’s ever fostered, having fostered over 200 dogs. Robin’s extraordinary spirit led both Kati and her husband to decide that she was a permanent addition to their family.

Kati is overjoyed that Robin can now live a life filled with happiness and engage in activities that bring her joy.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Kati and Friends of Faye rescue for offering Robin a second shot at life!

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