Video of cow playing with a ball proves they’re no different from your pet dog

We all know how playful and jovial dogs are. And as a dog owner, I can confirm how excited my dogs are getting when we go out in the park to have some fun and play with the ball.

However, what you probably don’t know is that farmyard animals take just as much joy in having fun and playing with humans as any other pet does. And if you don’t believe, this viral video is the perfect proof. Well, I have to admit I could’t believe my eyes when first spotted this funny footage. After all, you don’t see everyday, a cow playing with a pilates ball.

Since the video resurfaced on Reddit titled ‘What a happy cow’ this month, it gained more than five million views on YouTube. And after you’ll watch it for yourself, you’ll understand why.

On the other hand, the clip is a perfect opportunity to show the world that farm animals are not only meat, as they’re seen by most of us. They have feelings too, just as humans, our beloved dogs or cats have.

“Cows are basically dogs,” the original poster commented on Reddit. While another one added: “I want one!”

“I’m no vegan nor vegetarian, but whenever I watch these videos I just feel so hypocritical,” one YouTube viewer wrote. “Man cows are cute, i think i’m going to stop eating meat…..” another added.

Watch the adorable video, bellow!


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