Curious baby koala climbs human arm and doesn’t want to leave

While it is very common to see a human being interacting with dogs or cats, things are a little bit different when it comes to wild animals. It is well known that wild animals are overprotective when it comes to their little ones. Therefore, any human presence is frequently seen a threat. But apparently, the cute koalas are on a different approach when it comes to this.

We’ve been witnessed to so many interactions between baby koalas and other species, and all of them have been nothing but adorable. Thus, a cute little joey hugging a completely stranger could not be any different. In a heartwarming footage, a curious little koala just climbs off its mom’s back, only to climb on to a man’s arm that approached them. Koalas are known as very asocial creatures and the bond between the moms and their little joeys are unbreakable. Therefore, this unlikely interaction is even more fascinating.

The adorable video was captured on camera by Meagan Pfitzner – a 40-year-old woman in Adelaide, South Australia. The woman was walking with her son outside their home, when spotted a koala mom-baby duo drinking water from a creek. Meagan’s son, a true animal lover, carefully approached the pair by offering them a Eucalyptus leaf. However, he would never expect them to be so friendly.


At some point, the baby koala unexpectedly climbs on to the boy’s arm. “We couldn’t believe it,” the woman said. “We were just so amazed that the koalas were so trusting and comfortable with us. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Everyone keeps telling me what a unique encounter it is.”

After sharing a few minutes of tender, the boy wanted to put the little joey back onto its mom, but the tiny koala seemed to love so much its newest friend as it refused to leave his arm. ” I don’t think the little thing wanted to leave us,” Meagan said. “I look out the window every today to see if it’s returned. It was such a wonderful experience.”

Watch the adorable encounter here:


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