Cute little dog uses her big brother to do everything and wins everyone’s heart

While as a human having a big brother to count on is a pretty common sight, things are a little bit different when speaking about animals. Or, at least that’s what everyone thought, until Bella stepped in.

Bella is a 2-year-old energetic, adventurous and playful pup. However, given her weight, no matter how hard she would like to do some things it’s impossible. But the things are changing when you have the perfect partner to help you out and give you some extra boost.

Hank is a 10-year-old dog and has a totally different personality, but since he’s Bella’s best buddy, he never says ‘No,’ regardless his little sister’s needs. And it didn’t took too long until Bella realized her brother is the perfect help for her when it comes to stuff she’s normally unable to do it alone.

“They absolutely love each other,” Adriana Burkhart, Bella’s mom, told The Dodo. “Bella lives with me and Hank stays at my parents, but whenever I bring her home they both go crazy when they see each other. They’re both cuddle bugs so they sleep together a lot and Bella will chase him around and try and play tug of war with his tail sometimes. He’s so much bigger than her that he just sits down and she stops.”

Beside being accomplices, Bella and Hank are also sharing a special friendship. While Hank is more like a golden-ager, Bella compensate it with her young, adventurous spirit. Therefore, the lovely duo adores to spend time together. But 99% of the time they’re spending together, Bella is hanging on Hank’s back, just like an opossum on its mom’s back.

“Pretty much every day Bella is at least laying on him,” their mom said. “She’ll also jump on him when she needs a boost. She’s the smallest of our dogs so she gets on him when she needs attention. She’s used him as transportation around the house, a napping spot or a stepping stool.”

According to Adriana this special bond has benefits for the both. “Hank is getting pretty old so it’s good for him to have a dog like Bella that keeps him active. She entertains herself but loves to mess with Hank while doing so.”

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