Cute tiny dog fails as sheepherder – becomes internet sensation instead

We call them the man’s best friend, but for many of us, they’re more than that. Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with an extraordinary selfless nature. Their loyalty, their loving nature and sometimes silly behavior makes them one of the best companions that us humans could ever ask for. But there is a lot more that dogs can do.

Dogs are frequently used as suport animals for people with medical and developmental issues or as guards for farm animals. And there are required a lot of skills and training to meet these so high expectations. Needless to say there are only a few breed that meet those demands. Nevertheless, sometimes even a dog with high expectations could fail and the result is nothing but hilarious.

One of these pups is Nelson. While his owner had some serious expectations from his Norfolk terrier mix, the dog managed to fail in an epic way. In fact, Nelson gained a global reputation as the “World’s Worst Sheepdog.” But as long as you’re a star, it doesn’t matter the reason, right?

In an epic footage, Nelson’s human dad is trying to convince him to help him with the sheep herd, but the jovial dog is anything but helpful. More than that, as he wasn’t useless enough already, Nelson somehow convinced the herd to chase him while runs through the yard. Watch the hilarious scene bellow!

In fact, people started to believe Nelson ins’t that bad in the end. “Mate I recon he might just be the best sheep dog and doesn’t know it,” one person wrote. “If he can gain that much control in that short amount of time where the sheep just follow than thats all the hard work over .. you tell the dog to go into holding yard sheep all follow.. lock the gate job done!”

However, the cute little dog isn’t the only one to fail in such a hilarious way. Ryker – a German shepherd was trained to became a service dog, but he was struggling, even to do some basic tricks. Even though, he won everyone’s heart!

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