Cute tiny foal is having the time of its life while playing with Shar-Pei puppy

As we got used, Mother Nature never cease to amaze when it comes to unlikely bonds among different animal species. And there are countless stories to prove that love and friendship knows no boundaries in the animal kingdom.

Whether they connect due an unfortunate past, seeking comfort in each other, or simply because they only want to have fun, it’s always a heartwarming sight watching two different animals hanging around. While those interspecies friendships frequently occur in the wild, there are still many example of farm animals enjoying each other’s company. Especially among baby animals.

It is also the case of a cute tiny foal and its Shar-pei puppy friend. Even a little old, the footage of the two playing around is still adorable. And while it is unclear if the one-week-old foal and the adorable one-year-old puppy are at their first meeting, one thing’s for sure – they’re enjoying every piece of it. Even though, thinking about how these little fellas are hanging around, an unbreakable bond is about to be born. Even the owner confirms it. “I have a feeling these 2 will become best buddies!,” the wrote in the video description.

The lovely footage debuts with Duke the foal and Chino the puppy on an overgrown grass camp full of flowers. In the background an adult horse can be seen, presumably Duke’s mom. Driven by curiosity, the very young foal approach the fluffy puppy who seems to enjoy the sun. Even he acts like the the tiny creature disturbed him, in fact Chino can’t wait for someone to challenge him for a play. While the pup seems a little bit disinterested, the cute foal is having a time of its life. And it’s just getting started.

Even short, the footage is definitely an adorable sight. Have a look:

h/t: animalchannel

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