Dad Decorates Tree With Lights Suddenly Music Begins & It’s Taken To A Spectacular New Level

Families have different traditions and ways to usher in the holiday season together. For one family, they go all out decking the halls and decorating their tree.

In fact, their Christmas tree is so breathtaking that it’s made its way to social media. People are fawning over what they’ve done!

Jon Wawra and his family make it a point to celebrate Christmas in style. With flashy lights and classic Christmas tunes, the Wawras look forward to Christmas every year.

For them, it’s always the question of what amazing light show can they put on next? When you see this impeccable display of 7,000 lights dancing around the Christmas tree, you will feel astounded.

And just imagine if it were in your own living room! Can you say amazing?

The family had a very special reason for going all out with their Christmas festivities. During the year, the Wawra family went through many ups and downs after the passing of their Grandpa Bob.

According to Mr. Wawra, “Bob was an amazing father, husband, grandpa and above all a best friend.” The family knew that it would be difficult to begin a new year without the beloved man by their side.

So, in his honor, they wanted to make it the best Christmas possible. This extraordinary light show reminds the family of the love they had for him.

This massive tree required 24 separate channels along with two control boards in order to make it happen. The family sequenced the lights to Mariah Carey’s song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” to make a display that is truly fascinating.

You won’t believe how fancy this light show looks. It could be featured in Times Square, yet it is the product of a family working together to create memories.

Press play on the video below to see the magical light show for yourself!

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