Dad lion tries to punish cub for bitting his tail, only to get reprimand by mum

We call him the king of animals for a good reason. With that imposing mane and his incredible roar, the majestic lion is nothing but intimidating. However, judging by these images bellow, we easily see it is a lioness who’s in charge here. Well, at least in this family!

A family of lions at the Washington National Zoological Park got a little bit of drama in their lives. The reason – a simply play fight between the dad lion and one of his playful cubs. The things went beyond too far and the mother had to intervene to calm everyone down. Only we never saw a lion male toeing the line in front of a lioness, like this dad did it. The hilarious scenes have been captured in a series of photos by Jennifer Lockridge – a 42-year-old amateur photographer.

When the tiny cub just grabbed his dad’a tail and bite it, the massive lion wanted to teach it a lesson, yet he was the one that ended up being schooled by his soulmate. The lioness – who, we have to admit, had some attitude – had drastically rebuked her male, after his attempt to punish the cub.

Lockridge, who’s been regularly visiting the zoo, especially to admire the lion’s family, was in the right place at the right time to capture this spicy argue on camera. It was a pretty chill day in the lions enclosure, but things had a dramatic turnover after the naughty cub Lusaka bite the dad’s Luke tail.

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching this interaction and Luke has just recently been allowed to interact with his cub,” Lockridge explained. “Wildlife refuge has a lion pride consisting of seven cubs from two mothers and Luke is the father of all the cubs.

“As the cubs have gotten braver, they approach Luke easily wanting to engage him in play. ‘I don’t believe he realised she was biting his tail and he didn’t seem to be very upset. Lusaka has a habit of biting the tails of her siblings as well as the adults.”

h.t: luxuryvideos

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