Deaf Puppy Abandoned On Highway Now Gets Upset if People Don’t Want to Cuddle Him

Buddy, found on a highway, was transported to a shelter in a German town. Jennifer’s mother, who works at this shelter, shared a heartwarming video of Buddy engaged in play with a toy. Being deaf, Buddy was anticipated to face hurdles in finding a home. Jennifer had no intention of adopting another dog, let alone a deaf Dogo Argentino, yet Buddy’s charm was irresistible.

Buddy was thrilled to receive human attention, yet he craved constant reassurance. In the initial few days, he would cry out in his crate, finding solace only when someone held his paw.

Fast forward two years, and Buddy has acclimated wonderfully. He’s become adept at visual cues, and physical reassurance, particularly cuddles, still form an integral part of his emotional needs. Any reluctance to cuddle is met with his dismay. He’s grown into the most cheerful and well-adjusted pup you could ever meet!

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