Deco Ideas for chic basements

Tired of the old underused basement? Why not try having a look at these redecorating or even renovating ideas?
1. This stylish multyifunctional basement has gone through complete transformation by the combination of modern furnishings and fixtures and rustic elements. It is divided into three zones: a lounge, a media and a workout area, the illusion of space being created with the help of floor-to-ceiling drapes.

2. The room is divided into two areas: a bar area with a refrigerator, an electric fireplace and a stunning bar complete with stools for lounging and a sports area featuring dark wood and glass cabinetry.
3. There is a combination of classic and rustic which caters for the entire family. Central pieces are the rustic gas fireplace flanked by floor-to-ceiling sandstone tiles, leather green ottomans, a log-and-glass coffee table, an L-shaped sectional with an abundance of cushions and wall-to-wall curtains which with several pieces of furniture.
4. This basement has been redecorated with elements inspired from the beach realm made up of sand, sea and sky. The walls are painted light-sea green and the color palette matches grass , warm coral, breezy sand and dreamy sky-blue. The floor design is multifunctional and includes an entertainment area, a bar area, a playroom, a guest retreat and an office.
5. This space is lightened with a neutral color paint and the area is divided into two: on one hand, a lounge area with an old English pub feel on account of the fireplace elevation with earth-ptoned glass tiles and flanked with horizontal strips of dark wood rustic flooring and, on the other hand, a TV area with a plum-colored settee and a creamy leather ottoman which can also serve as a coffee table.
6. The walls of this Indian-inspired basement papered in black-and-gold paisley as well as metallic-backed sisal. The floor is covered with a black-and-white checkered carpet and luxury furniture upholstery and window treatments enhance the glamour of the interior.
basement after

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