Deer shows up at back door begging for help – family hurries to deliver it

Some people will call the police to report a dog being unfairly tied up. Officer Kevin Zieschang of the Fulshear Police Department in Texas received a similar call while he was on duty but it was quite unusual.

Someone called to report  a young buck that was tied to a tree in the backyard of an under construction home. By the time Zieschang arrived, the construction workers on site were able to cut the deer loose and remove the rope from his antlers.

That’s when Zieschange realized how usual his new hoofed friend was. They were attempting to get the deer to scamper off but that’s not exactly what happened. The deer ended walking up to Zieschang for a scratch behind the ears.

The overly-friendly deer’s behavior was caught on video. “He’s just hanging out, man,” can be heard someone saying in the video. Still, it’s not clear why or how the deer became tied to the tree.

The police department said the deer, which they named “Uncle Buck,” appeared to have been socialized by humans who were likely feeding him. Uncle Buck would just walk straight up to people and nuzzle them and lick their hands just like a dog would.

When local media arrived at the scene the next day to conduct an interview about the deer’s rescue, Uncle Buck showed up and decided to put on a show.

He came back to see me!” Zieschang told ABC 13. He got pretty cozy with some of the cameramen.

“So, Officer Ziechang is out here with the news media talking about the deer that was tied up yesterday and during the news conference the deer showed back up,” said the person recording the video. “He’s a good kid. I”m going to call him Uncle Buck.”

Zieschang said that he doesn’t believe that the deer is anyone’s pet. He also warned the public not to shoot deer they find in their backyard within the city.

The police department was worried about what would happen to the deer if he kept returning to the home during construction. So, they decided to reach out to the Lone Star Animal Control and the Texas Game Warden.

It was decided that Uncle Buck should be relocated.

“The young deer was sedated by hand and after a brief struggle, he gently fell asleep. The deer was placed in a vehicle and transported to a large animal sanctuary (an individuals property; he will be loved and well taken care of) in Katy. ‘Uncle Buck’ is now safe and sound and seems to love his new protected home,” the police department wrote on their Facebook page.

You can see how friendly Uncle Buck is in the video below.


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