Deer jumps fence to befriend shy rescued dog

Animal kingdom never cease to amaze, when it comes to unlikely friendships. This time a wild deer and a rescue pup, decided to show that real friendships know no boundaries.

When Mike Morgan adopted Zuzu, he knew the poor pup had been through a lot and she requires a lot of patience and compassion until she would fell comfortable around people again. But Mike gave her all the love she deserved and the 2-year-old dog started to trust humans again. Even though, she was still very shy in the presence of other animals.

Mike was unsure how Zuzu would react when meeting another dog, so he didn’t want to hurry the things up, but to wait the perfect moment. However, one day he saw something over the fence had caught Zuzu’s curiosity, enough to stop her from running around the backyard. When he got closer, Mike couldn’t believe there was a wild deer that was trying to socialize with his dog. And even more fascinating, Zuzu was so interested in it.

The dog and the deer kept sniffing each other, when suddenly the wild animal jumped over fence to join its new doggie friend into a frenetic run. And Zuzu – once such a shy pup, looked a completely different creature when realizing she got a new playing partner. Of course, Mike was more than happy to admire them. “Zuzu reacted almost like the deer was another dog,” Mike told The Dodo. “Just playing and stuff.”

The dog was so excited about her new friend, she even ignored her owner’s calls. Mike only wanted to make sure everything was fine with her beloved pup, but Zuzu an her deer friend seemed inseparable. However, after a while, the wild deer eventually made its way back.

Surprisingly, the next day, the adorable deer returned to see its newest friend. Needless to mention Zuzu was more than happy for its return. “We saw the deer again a day later and she walked with me and Zuzu for about a block,” Mike said.

h/t: the dodo | youtube

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