Desperate dog jumps into patrol car and asks for help after owners left him on highway

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. So when his life was on the line, this dog’s gesture was more than well-founded. Seeking for help, after his owners abandoned him on a busy highway, the distressed puppy jumped into a highway patrol car and never wanted to leave.

It was just a normal day at the office for the highway patrol officers Borges and Mateus. But little did they know they would had to deal with a matter they’ve never dealt before. The two officers were on a highway in Brazil, for a routine traffic control, when a very unusual complainant approached them.


The cops had a verification routine ongoing, just a few feet away from their patrol car, so they left the car doors open. But when they came back, they were surprised to see an uninvited guest sitting in the car seat. A dog just jumped in and he acted like something had happened to him. The policemen initially wanted to take him out of their car as they had no idea what was going on, but they soon realized, the poor little soul was most likely left there by his owners, so they decided to help him.

“The two policemen… tried to get him out of the vehicle,” the officials post reads.” But he was crying desperately, as if he were going to be abandoned again.”

“They were surprised,” officials later wrote on Facebook. “He cried a lot. [He] appeared to have been abandoned on the side of the highway.” They took the dog back with them at the police station in Santa Catarina and here, the pup’s fortunates was about to be changed forever.


Touched by the story, another officer – Corporal Maurício, decided the poor thing deserves better so he adopted him straight away. When he got back home, his kids were more than happy to meet the family’s new member, which they named Rex. “[He] decided to adopt him, which made his children happy,” officials wrote. “His name is Rex!”

(h/t : facebook)

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