Dog “accidentally” drops ball over fence but when man throws it back puppy’s hilarious intentions are revealed

Fluffy and adorable border collies are hard working herding dogs. They originally were bred to direct livestock around pastures and barn lots, particularly sheep, but one clever collie has trained a stranger quite well.

Considered highly intelligent and obedient, border collies also are extremely energetic and athletic. They can be taught to perform the most amazing tricks, both in the show ring and the pasture.

They are considered to be the most intelligent of all domestic dogs and thrive competing in sheepdog trials and dog sports. Black and white are the most common colors for the border collie, just like the friendly one in the video below.

Paul Stasiewich was walking his adorable little dog one day when they strolled past a border collie’s yard. The dog was encased in a steel fence, but that didn’t matter; this friendly pooch wasn’t about to let a stretch of fencing get in its way.

This incredibly clever doggy snuck up and chucked its red ball over the fence. Being a good-natured dog owner, Paul paused along his leisurely walk to retrieve it.

He bent over, picked it up, and chucked it back into the dog’s yard. As the dog zipped off to retrieve it, Paul and his dog tried to carry on with their walk, but this dog wasn’t having any of that.

In no time at all, the border collie flew right back up to the fence and gave the ball another good toss over to the other side again toward Paul! He couldn’t believe it!

“This dog keeps throwing its toy over the fence like this so that I’ll pick it up and throw it over, get ready to leave to go home, then it drops it over. I can’t just just leave the toy. He’s got me trapped. I’m going to be here forever,” the man said.

The border collie kept zooming to the ball and back to the fence over and over again in record-breaking speed. Paul was very patient with the dog, but eventually was eager to be along his way.

Thankfully, the dog’s owner came out and chatted with Paul a bit and hollered at her dog, so he finally was able to sneak away. It’s no wonder this video has been viewed almost two million times!


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