Stray dog got kicked by cruel driver, comes back with its friends to destroy the car

Lately, we have been witnessed to so many careless people when it comes to respect the animals. And for me, as an animal lover, this is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, we hear about these story when it is too late. Beside that, almost all the time, the poor animals are nothing but helpless, since they cannot fight back

However, sometimes Lady Karma is reminding us she well and alive. And this story is the perfect proof of it. It happened in China, where a cruel, careless driver kicked a stray dog with his car (we do not know if it was on purpose or not). What’s for sure, however, it’s that it only takes a few moments to wait until a dog is crossing the street, or to use the horn to draw its attention or simply: help the animal to cross. Therefore, there is no excuse for this driver’s action.

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Only, this time, the dog decided to pay him back with the same coin. Therefore, after the driver parked his car in front of his home, the injured dog gathered its friends and paid a visit to the man’s car. And the four-legged vigilante got its revenge, in the end.

Thankfully, the whole scene was captured on camera by a neighbor and then shared on social media. And trust me, you’ve never seen a dog paying back a human’s cruel gesture.

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