Dog found waiting at burned down house a month after surviving California fires

We all heard stories about dogs’ incredible loyalty. There’s no stronger bond as it is between a dog and human. And this story proves us, once again what a dog’s loyalty means.

This dog has been found at his family’s home ruins, after the California devastating wildfires destroy it. His name is Madison and he’s a cute Anatolian shepherd. Despite the disaster left behind by the nature’s fury months ago in California, the dog was found alive and in a very good health a month later after his owners were supposed to evacuate their home.

According to media, the dog’s owner was forced to evacuate the property leaving his beloved dog behind.

Days later Madison’s brother, Miguel was found in the neighbourhood at Citrus Heights, managing to escape from the flames. Even if Madison wasn’t there, Andrea never lost her faith. So she asked K9 Paw Print Rescue to help her out. And using a simple trick a staff member of this organisation managed to find the missing dog.

The trick was very simple. Shayla asked the owner  for a piece of clothing which she could leave on the home in the hopes that Madison would pick up the scent. And thankfully her plan paid off as Madison was waiting at the homes ruins.

Image credit: K9 Paw Print Rescue

“After meeting Andrea in person when I took Miguel to her, I had the idea of placing an article of clothing that would smell like her( i had hugged her) to keep Madison’s hope alive until his people could return.

WELL, I’m so HAPPY to report that Andrea was allowed to return to her property today and THERE MADISON WAS!!!! He had stayed to protect what was left of his home, and NEVER gave up on his people!” wrote Shayla Sullivan on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Andrea’s case is not the only one. Thousands of California habitants were forced to leave their homes because of Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California’s history.

Destroying almost 153,336 acres of land this major disaster left behind thousands of people without homes. The damages are about $7.5–10 billion. It started on November 8 and was finally completely contained on November 28.

It’s cause is still unknown and investigators are currently looking into what started the disaster!




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