Tiny dog goes out for a walk, comes back with a kitten she just rescued

Though they have proved so many times what they’re capable of, dogs just never cease to amaze! Because, every time when comes to caring for those in need, dogs proved themselves the gentlest souls. Incredibly selfless creatures, they are not only the men’s best friends, but everyone’s best buddies! And this little fella is no different.


Hazel is a 3-year-old Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix who lives with her mum, Monica Burks in Abilene, Texas. The little one first met Monica when she was only a few weeks old, and ever since she had always been a good, very kind girl. On day, despite pouring rain, Hazel asked his mom to let her out for a potty break. Since it was this heavy rain, the woman didn’t accompanied her pup outside, but let her all alone instead. Needless to say, she had confidence in Hazel as she always came back in time. However, this time things did not go as planned.


The time was passing and yet, no sign of Hazel. Naturally, Monica was getting pretty nervous, so she decided to go out and investigate. But just when she was getting ready to leave the house, she couldn’t believe her eyes what she was seeing. She finally spotted her little baby through the heavy rain, only she was not alone, but with a tiny kitten by her side.

It turned out that on her way to pee, the cute little Hazel spotted an abandoned cat. She knew she just can’t let the helpless creature there, all by her own, so she decided to help out. “There must be something called pure love,” the proud mum said. “I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light.” Monica even caught the beautiful moment on her cellphone!


Somehow, Hazel has managed to convince the kitten to follow her home. Even though the tiny cat was pretty scared and confused, the gentle dog comforted her in the cutest possible way. Eventually, the two tiny creature have made it through. The bighearted dog saved the hopeless kitten by bringing her to safety, inside the house.

Once they got inside, Monica rushed to take care of the little one. Then, she rewarded Hazel for her act of kindness. Since such a story could only have a happy ending, the rescued kitten who they named Sheba ended up being adopted by Monica’s brother – Michael!

Watch the heartwarming footage of Hazel bringing the tiny kitten to her home:

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