Puppy has priceless reaction when he realizes he’s getting second treat

Dogs just seem to have that power to bring a smile to your face, when you need it most. They actually sense when our state of mind in changing and of course they do anything to make us feel better. It is also the case of Norbert. Those large eyes, perked ears, and soft cuddles are enough to bring joy to even the saddest person.

Norbert is tiny three pound and seven-inch-tall therapy dog. And apparently his lifetime mission is to bring joy to anyone who’s interacting or seeing him. His cute face and his pure gold heart make him one of the most adorable pups in the world. I would say that it’s his fluffy gray ears and his tiny tongue that cause love-at-first-sight with everyone he meets. Just look at his face!

And as all those things weren’t enough, a video of his cuteness just went viral. The reason? Well he gets a treat. But the moment he realizes he’s just getting a second treat is definitely a worth watching moment. No wonder he is an internet sensation. Watch him bellow!

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