Dog lost two years ago has touching reunion with his best friend

A couple of months ago, volunteers from an animal shelter in Ukraine rescued a blue-eyed doggy who had been living on the streets. The way the poor dog looked, clearly showed the time he spent on the streets affected him in such a terrible way.

As they always do, the rescuers have tried to find him a home. Of course, at that time, they did not know, the dog already had a home and a family who was missing him so much. Therefore, they took some photos of him, and shared them on Facebook, hoping to increase the chances of finding him some adopting parents.

Facebook/Galina Lekunova

However, given his condition, the odds wasn’t into his favour. Yet, within hours, the photo of the blue-eyed stray dog went viral. And a couple of day after, a woman called at the shelter, explaining that the dog from their photo looks almost exactly as her dog, who was stolen from her backyard two years ago.

But guess what, the next day when the woman paid a visit to the shelter, she quickly realized the rescued dog was actually her stolen dog. Thankfully, the touching the two’s touching reunion was captured on camera by one of the volunteers.

Facebook/Schastlivie Zhivotnie

“Fantastic Monday! Tears of joy in the morning!” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post. “All this time, the owners were looking for him, posted photos in groups. And here it is – a miracle. Thanks to your repost the dog was seen by a family friend living in Australia as well!!! I called the owners and they rushed for their treasure! ”

Facebook/Schastlivie Zhivotnie

The moment when the poor dog realizes he’s about to reunite with the woman that raised him, brought tears on everyone’s eyes. After two long years, they’re hugging each other once again! Watch the heartwarming scene, bellow!

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