Dog loves getting mail, so the postman brings her a letter everyday

While everyone thinks postmen and dogs are not getting along very well, this lovely story proves exactly the opposite. A postman in Australia and a Golden Retriever on his route are best buddies and their daily routine is meant to put a smile on everyone’s face

Martin Studer, an Australian postman first met Pipa, a few years ago when he started to deliver mails on a new route. Nothing special so far, yet this friendly dog is the one who took the family’s mails. And since there are not mails to be delivered to Pipa’s family address, every day, the postman came up with an idea to make the dog happy.

When such an adorable dog came up and greets you everyday, it’s impossible not to return the favor. So, Martin started to create special mails just for his beloved friend, to deliver her in those days when her family doesn’t receive any. In this way, the kind postman and Pipa are having the chance to meet everyday. What a lovely guy, Martin is!

One day, Martin even shared a Facebook post about his unique friendship with Pipa. “Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect. So I have to improvise,” the postman wrote in a Facebook post.

Studer and Pipa share this adorable bond from at least a couple of years. During that time, the mailman had always tried to keep his four-legged companion happy. “I’ve been on Pippa’s run for the last 2-3 years,” the postman told Bored Panda. “I have always written something to her. I just don’t want to disappoint her! She LOVES the postie. It really makes her day when we come by.”

Since sharing the story on Facebook, Studer’s beautiful words touched the people’s heart. And many of them wanted to show their appreciation for this lovely duo. “Thanks for being such an amazing mailman, and Pippa is too cute Love from Minnesota,” one person commented. While another one added: “Those eyes! How could you let that angel down? You are a good man x 10!”

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