Dog overwhelmed with joy when it sees her favourite chew toy in a life-sized version

Dogs are just like kids. They are so happy when they see their favourite toy. And most of the time, their reaction are overwhelming. It is also the case of Jolene, an adorable Golden Retriever when seeing his favourite chew toy. Only this time, the chew toy have turned into a life-sized one. And the dogs’ reaction when seeing it is absolutely charming.

Emily Crisp, Jolene’s owner knows how much her beloved dog likes Gumby chew toy. So she decided to surprise her in the most beautiful way possible.

While the joyful dog is playing with her little toy in the living room, Emily’s boyfriend walks in. And he’s dressed up in a Gumby costume, to the Jolene’s surprise.

As she saw him, Jolene stops playing immediately and she starts to stare at him. After few moments of bewilderment, she’s getting closer and when she finally reached the life-sized Gumby…well this is gonna melt your heart. Thankfully, Emily captured on her cellphone the whole scene.

The video went viral immediately with almost 15 millions views. You can watch it for yourself bellow. It’s just adorable!

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