Dog owner shares heartbreaking warning after golden retriever dies from rope toy

We all know how playful and jovial dogs are, so buying them toys is something really common among dog lovers. Therefore, when Indria Tuckler brought some rope toys for her pups she had no idea they would harm them, or even worst, causing them death. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened!

Soon after she gave the toys to her beloved dogs, they tore them to pieces. Indria just threw away the shreds, but sadly it was too late. On of her dogs, Sam a 14 months old golden retriever swallowed one piece of rope and it damaged her intestines. The little pup, passed away a few days later.

Indria shared the heartbreaking story to a Facebook dog lovers group, to warn other owners.

“The ball unraveled and tore several holes in her intestines as she tried to pass it,” Indria wrote, in her post on the Facebook group Vizsla Dog Lovers. “They removed 3 feet of rope that was entangled in her intestines. They also removed 14 inches of perforated intestines. The damage from the rope was so extensive that she passed away two days later. We did not even have the option of having another surgery. She quickly became septic and bled from her intestines into her stomach.”

“Linear objects pose more danger because they travel along the intestines causing more damage as they clinch the intestines into a tight ball,” she explained. “According to an article posted by Germantown Veterinary Clinic ‘Ropes are the most dangerous objects your dog can swallow’!!” VT reported.

And what is even worst is that those “real simple” toys are sold in so many stores including Petsmart, Petco, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Homegoods.

As about the symptoms, they include diarrhea, drinking excessive amounts of water, loss of appetite, and vomiting, pretty much the same like when the dog is suffering from an upset stomach.

“This was a senseless and avoidable death,” the woman concluded. “These items should not be sold for dogs. I believe there is power in numbers and if we can share Sams story maybe we can save a dogs life.”


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