Guy asks for captions for photo of dog on airplane, gets hysterical replies

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to get stuck on an airplane with a group of strangers. However, when someone on a plane shares a photo to social media of an adorable dog, people tend to pay attention.

A Twitter user by the name of @EliteTweetThief shared a photo of a dog looking over an airplane seat. He asked for people to caption the photo, and the results were hilarious.

While there’s so much negativity online, these days, it is really nice to see something like this that brings people together for a good collective laugh. For starters, @RidiculousDak captioned it, “Tell your baby to stop crying before I bite it.”

As if that wasn’t funny enough, @Efe4real tweeted, “Kick my seat one more time.”

So far, we’re rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. And then, @_daniella_XX came with this: “When your teacher separates you from your friends who are fooling at the back seat.”

These hysterical captions went on and on, so we know there is a whole community online having a blast with it.

Let’s toss in one more for good measure. Thanks to @astoldbyansavoy shared, “Hey you got any games on ya phone?”

It is so incredible how good for the soul and laughter rocks, dogs are!


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