Mom offers baby a treat if he says ‘mama,’ – dog says it instead

It has to be a special connection between dogs and little babies, since it’s really hard to find a more heart-warming duo. While the little humans are innocent and constantly looking to play and have fun, dogs compensate by showing off their responsible side and try to keep their companions out of trouble. Or – why not – team them up!

However, they both seem to have something in common: tasty food. So when this mom in Utah is offering a treat to her little baby boy and the family’s dog is there too, it could only end one way – extremely cute.

The mother tries to convince her baby to say ‘mama.’ She promise to offer him some delicious food in return. And while the mother is waving the food in front of little Sam’s eyes, he doesn’t have any intention of saying the “mama,” even if he’s so interested in the treat, his mom is offering.

But Patch, a miniature Australian shepherd is also in love with tasty food, and apparently more responsive. So it doesn’t take too long until the clever pup realizes what their mom wants in return for the food. Believe it or not, the cute pup says “mama” instead of the kid. And he didn’t say it only once but three times, leaving the woman open-mouthed. As promised, mom gave him the reward to the Sam’s disappointment.

Patch is clearly a very clever dog and a valuable member of the family too, according to his human mom. It’s no wonder why the lovely footage gained over 14 million views on Youtube alone. Have a look, bellow!

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